A lot of factors go into your overall property value, and one of the big ones is curb appeal, a fancy way of gauging how attractive you...

5 Ways to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

By 28.3.19

A lot of factors go into your overall property value, and one of the big ones is curb appeal, a fancy way of gauging how attractive your home looks to passers-by. A well-maintained home creates appeal for not just you and your family, but your neighbors and, when the time comes, prospective buyers as well.

Given all that, you want to make sure you keep up the external appearance of your home as best you can to ensure optimal curb appeal and leave your home appearing cared for, well-tended, nurtured, and loved. In other words, make everyone who sees it wish they lived there. With all that in mind, let's look at 5 of the best tips to improve your home's appearance, and whether it's to get it ready for sale, keep up with the neighborhood standard, or merely make it look like the place you want your family to live, keep its curb appeal at the highest level possible.

  • Get rid of eyesores.

It's amazing how quickly the stuff on the outside of your house can turn really crummy looking, but if you've got junky old cars, beat-up lawn furniture, old moldy swingsets, and other dilapidated messes are strewn about your lawn and driveway, that ought to be the first thing you address. Sell it, junk it, recycle it, whatever you have to do to avoid making your front lawn look like Sanford and Son's.

  • Make the walkway approaching the house look attractive.

First impressions count for a lot, and the first thing anyone is going to see about your house is the main approach: the driveway, walkway, front steps, and front door. Keep the whole pathway clear of weeds, patch up any cracks in the stones, and as an added nice touch, maybe even include some lighting along the walkway, as it’s a nice touch to have during the evening hours. Whether you live in the mountains of Colorado Springs or beaches of San Diego, maintaining good curb appeal is universal.

  • Keep the lawn in good order.

Proper lawn maintenance isn't just about making sure you mow it regularly, because even though that is the bare minimum, there are other steps you should take to really bring out its best. Mow the lawn, rake leaves, edge your pathways, put mulch under the bushes, keep the hedges trimmed, make sure everything is watered and fertilized sufficiently, and make sure you plan enough time for yourself to do all this.

  • Add some interesting decorations.
You can make an already great looking property even better with some elegant and tasteful decorations. A fountain or birdbath, gleaming house numbers, or a fancy door knocker can add character and class to your already appealing outdoor vista.

  • Don’t forget to wash the house once in a while.
Even as you're keeping the rest of your home exterior in good to excellent shape, don't forget that the house itself can get to looking pretty rough if you let it go for long enough. Pollen stains, dirt, grime, and other assorted residues can build up quite a bit over time, so make sure to wash, scrub, and even pressure clean certain areas to make sure your beautiful lawn isn't featuring a nasty, grimy house.


Maintaining a high level of curb appeal takes a lot of work as you can see, but it’s absolutely worth it, both from a presentation standpoint, a resale angle, as well as your own personal satisfaction.

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