The holiday season is full of things to do and stuff to eat. You’ve spent time wrapping and sharing gifts, had a sumptuous dinner, part...

5 Ways to Bounce Back After The Holidays

By 22.1.19

The holiday season is full of things to do and stuff to eat. You’ve spent time wrapping and sharing gifts, had a sumptuous dinner, partied like it was 1999, and binged on Christmas cookies. Time’s arrow moves on, however, and that means the holidays are over (until next season). Now, you have to face the bitter truths about your indulgences. Or do you?
    Whether or not you got a weight scale from Santa this year doesn’t require you to use it immediately. Anxiety over how much you overate and only exacerbates the unhealthy cycles you vowed in your New Year’s resolution to break. Just as the holidays allowed you to decompress from the daily grind, you need the grind to decompress you from the holidays. Here are 5 ways to bounce back from the holiday season.

Make a List

    You’ve probably made a list of resolutions for the whole year. Most of these self-made promises can be too daunting to achieve through our daily lives. Make lists of daily tasks that demand your attention. These lists can keep you on your toes as your return to the normal functions of your workday.  

Get Rid of Trigger Food

    Holiday confections can draw you in with their flavorful features to the point where you seek them out in everyday foods. Consider switching up your holiday food for healthier options. Avoid “trigger foods” like candy bars, snack cakes, and anything with added sugars. Substitute these triggers with low calorie snacks like whole-grain crackers, apple slices, baby carrots, hummus, and nut butters.


    While you may or may not be running any marathons anytime soon, it helps to get plenty of fluids. Alcohol consumption is at it’s highest during the holidays, and that can leave you feeling depleted. Carrying a water bottle with you during the day. Instead of coffee, try adding a few drops of lemon juice in your water to jolt you out of any early morning drowsiness.  

Get Moving

    The big panic behind consuming high calorie food is the lack of exercise. Calories can only be burned off through a steady exercise regimen. Hitting the treadmill hard after the holidays might seem like a good idea, but you can burnout your desire for exercise. Consider taking a walk after every meal to help the digestion. Organize physical activities around every meal break. You could use that gym membership you got in your Christmas stocking, but you’ll have to commit to it.


    Committing to a workout schedule can be tough considering all other responsibilities in your life. When referring to a local gym, ask if you can pre-arrange for a set amount of time. Don’t expect to devote 2 to 3 hours to your exercise routine. 30 minutes per day is enough. Another option, if you can’t afford a gym membership, is buying a pedometer. The right amount of steps per day can help keep off any excess weight gain. You’ll find yourself in better shape by the next holiday season.    

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