In the world of Live Entertainment, unmanaged talent doesn’t normally stand a chance.  Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kristopher Jones have the a...

Hire Talent with Special Guest App

By 30.10.18

In the world of Live Entertainment, unmanaged talent doesn’t normally stand a chance. Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kristopher Jones have the app called ‘Special guest’ and it’s a game changer in the industry. It’s a booking app to make it simple to find talent for paid gigs.

Special Guest is a platform for talent to use to book gigs with ease (and $0 fees). Live Entertainers are able to create a profile within the app that showcases both their talent and personality. Venues of all kinds can then use Special Guest to search for talent based on a variety of filters such as location, price, availability.  Anyone, anywhere, can use Special Guest to hire live entertainment. From a clown for your child's backyard birthday party to a band for your bar’s Friday entertainment; Special Guest app makes life easier for both entertainers and venues alike.

It’s a platform that allows individuals and managed talent to create profiles with videos, description of skills and expertise with no fees to them. Instead Special Guest is an app to allow bookers/venues to easily find talent to perform. The app allows bookers to easily search for people with talents for events from painting faces at a school carnival, to comics to speak at a teambuilding event or cosplayer to order for opening night party all in one easy to navigate app for a fee.

Benefits for using Special Guest App:

  • Facilitate payments on behalf of the venue.
  • Special Guest is a discovery tool.
  • Special Guest provides in-app messaging.
  • Special Guest handles legal agreements, including cancellation policy.
  • Provide ratings and reviews of performers.
  • Have the ability to track the financial impact hiring LIVE entertainment

I love Special Guest app it’s a great way for creative talented people to have the opportunity to be booked for a paid gig.

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