BEST SETTING POWDERS 2018 Have you felt unappreciated? If yes, you can understand how sad it is to be in that state. The case for sett...

Best setting powders 2018

By 22.6.18


Have you felt unappreciated? If yes, you can understand how sad it is to be in that state. The case for setting powders is also more or less the same. Though being the makeup staple, setting powder isn’t earning the adulation they so need to get actually.  The list is pretty long if you consider what all setting powders do;

  • They prevent oil flicks from forming on your face & therefore presents you with a less greasy look
  • They add freshness to your skin 
  • Powders aids in blotting oil & control shines by locking your foundation and concealer, so no cracks are formed on the skin
  • They reduce the look of fine lines and pores by smoothing out 
  • Aid in setting cream eyeshadow
  • They help to give a slippery lip colour more staying power
  • They reduce the volume of blush which is too bright and much more 

To boot, setting powders are a fixture every beauty lover needs. Now you know what setting powders do, your next question would be as to which are the best setting powder in the market. So here we go to providing a notable list of the best five setting powders available in the market as of 2018. They are:

1.    Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

One of the most delicate setting powder for daily makeup, Laura Mercier made of French Cashmere Talc can give the best touch for the final matte look of your skin. This pigmented loose setting powder is a must buy product as the powder has prolonged wearing ability because of which you can wear it all day without feeling any weight. Smooth and silky over your skin, Laura Mercier gives you a velvety look where every feature is nicely covered without looking cakey.

•    Easy to apply
•    Smooth & flawless output
•    Moderate shine after applying
•    Light product & keep your face matte all day long

•    Small container

2.    Derma Blend Loose Setting Powder

For the best final makeup look, Derma Blend setting powder formulated with lightweight micronised powder is a great option. Tested for allergic reactions, this setting powder lasts for 16 hours and saves your time and effort from touch ups again and again. On top, the setting powder is non-comedogenic and non-acegenic making it one of the safest powder to apply on your bare skin as well. The vegan formula powder doesn’t have any scent and works well for sensitive skin.

•    Easy to apply
•    Comes in three different colours; original, warm saffron and cool beige.
•    Perfect matte finish ensuring smudge resistance
•    Suitable for oily skin & not patchy


•    Shinier than other setting powders
•    More expensive
•    Can be chalky on the dry skin

3.    NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder

A non-comedogenic powder suited for all kinds of skin, this transparent setting loose powder with no colour helps brilliantly in covering up free lines and hiding pores. As the setting powder is lightweight, you can wear throughout the day without getting any artificial look. Infused with new photochromic technology, the powder can diffuse light and adjust according to the settings as needed.

•    The powder is light and subtle
•    Doesn’t become patchy or cakey
•    Gets into skin without creasing up

•    Can clog your pore after a long time
•    More expensive
•    Not suitable for oily or deep dry skin

4.    La Mer The Powder

La Mer is a high quality, high –end ultra –luxe powder which is sheer, lightweight and airy. Made with natural ingredients from the ocean & infused with Miracle Broth, the finely milled setting powder is excellent for skin care benefits and brightening effects. Furthermore, the powder is perfect for setting your under-eye area for brightening.

•    Offers skin care benefits
•    Made from natural ingredients

•    Very Expensive

5.    Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Powder

Hour Glass lighting powder is silky smooth and can diffuse light delightfully. Though the setting powder is glitter-free, it can provide the skin with a bright luminosity by controlling oiliness and shine while giving a dewy glow look.

•    Creates perfect illusion
•    Comes in six shades
•    Long lasting of up to 8 hours


•    Very Expensive

Now that we have provided you with all necessary information about the best ones in the market choose your favourite one and look like the star you were always meant to be.  

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