It is unlikely that a trip to Florida includes a visit to Jacksonville. Between Disneyland, the Universal Studios and the paradisiacal b...

Five things to see and do in Jacksonville

By 29.1.18

It is unlikely that a trip to Florida includes a visit to Jacksonville. Between Disneyland, the Universal Studios and the paradisiacal beaches of Miami, it is easy to overlook a city of just 800,000 inhabitants. However, this list of activities is ideal for any lover of culture, sports and nature, since in addition to being a huge city in terms of surface, this place is also full of amazing things to do. Here are 5 attractions that you can not miss in such an underestimated destination like Jacksonville ... 

  • The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary This wildlife sanctuary is home to many feline species that were rescued and are under the care of the establishment. Pumas, leopards, lynxes and foxes are some of the species that inhabit this place. In addition, some 25 Siberian tigers (mostly adorable puppies) share their space with a group of African lions. Despite having been inaugurated 30 years ago, this wildlife sanctuary just opened its doors to the public in 2004. The mission of the sanctuary is to educate children about the dangers of trying to tame a wild animal.

  • Veterans Memorial Wall A short distance from the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium is the Veterans Memorial Wall, a $ 250,000 monument dedicated to more than 1,500 war heroes in 1995. It is almost 19 meters long and is made of black granite. All the veterans who participated in the First World War, in Operation Desert Storm and other conflicts in the Middle East have been honored here. An eternal flame burns in front of the monument, where the celebration of Jacksonville Memorial Day takes place. In this ceremony, all the fallen soldiers the previous year are added to the site. Respect and gratitude are the main reasons why people come to visit the wall. 

  • Friendship Fountain The Friendship Fountain has been remodeled very recently and should be a mandatory stop during your stay in Jacksonville. It is located on the banks of the St. Johns River and is located in the direction of the water in front of Jacksonville Landing. The landscape is the dream of any photographer, especially at dawn or during sunsets. Since it is impossible to get angry at someone being surrounded by such a scenario, this is a wonderful place to reflect either alone or in company. It's amazing that there is so much tranquility and calm in an area that can only be compared to something as imposing as the Brooklyn Bridge. 

  • Jacksonville Jazz Festival Every spring, during the weekend of Memorial Day, Jacksonville organizes a music festival like no other. The Jacksonville jazz festival brings together world-renowned artists to take over various stages for four days. Music lovers should make their stay coincide with the event, in order to enjoy pianist competitions, art fairs in the streets of downtown and attractions such as "Jazz After Dark", in which the artists demonstrate his skills until after 2 am Best of all, many of these shows are free! Encourage yourself to be part of this unforgettable cultural experience! Be sure you will not regret it.  

  • Fort Caroline National Memorial This fort recalls the brief presence of the French in Florida during the 16th century. Territorial claims, religion and weapons are the central themes of this meeting point between natives and Europeans. Surrounded by abundant vegetation, the walls of the fort are oriented towards the ocean and were supposed to keep frequent visitors away, although this was not possible. A children's program and a museum are part of the establishment so that those interested can learn more about the stories of the settlements that originated hundreds of thousands of years ago. 

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